Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What was the last book you read?

a child called it

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What's your favorite type of flower?

pansy :] i get them for mom every mothers day

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What was your favorite birthday gift?

my barney towel i got for my third birthday

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What's your earliest memory?

my uncle's fish fry when i was about two. i didn't like the fish and i spit it out and everyone laughed at me and i felt bad.

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What's one food you'll never eat again?

rice. after i nuked my rice sock in the microwave and fried all those maggots, i will never look at rice the same way again.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

some audio

take a listen, its me and my little bro spittin some mad game to an R&B instrumental

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blizzard, Part Two

..I ran the rice sock under some cold water, and it sizzled. I took it outside and cut it open and dumped out the now brown rice, and saw about a hundred fried maggots, and just about lost my lunch. I will never look at rice or my rice socks the same way ever again. I also noticed that the new price tag song sounds like about six other songs out right now, but all mixed together. Music has really lost its originality over the years. I can't pinpoint the names of the songs right now, but I'll write them eventually. But my fingers are getting tired from this small keyboard, so I'm gonna peace out for now.

Entertaining Myself While I'm Stuck Inside During A Blizzard

I'm typing this off of my phone right now, because I forgot my computer at the other house. As of right now, I am stuck at my house in the middle of a blizzard, wth winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. I really like this full keyboard phone. But what I'm doing to keep myself occupied is simple: I'm sitting at my kitchen table, typing this and drinking Folgers with hazelnut creamer. I cleaned my house, made Jell-o, watched the weather, did the dishes, and cranked up the radio and sang really loud. I played fetch with my dog too, which was entertaining, because I threw it on the linoleum, and he's clumsy as it is. I also made a cheese pizza from Pizza Corner, but I kinda burnt it, but I was surprised it was still really good. And earlier, I had a backache, so I heated up my trusty rice sock. It had never occured to me that it had been sitting for about three months, and i tossed it in the microwave for three minutes. It started smelling a little funky two minutes in, and it was popping.. (continued)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

A lot of people these days LOVE to shop at Wal-mart and the mall and K-mart and all these chain stores and think that $20 for a hoodie that barely fits is a good deal. Well, for those that only have $20 to their name, such as I, think that it's a total waste of money. In my opinion, used clothes are the way to go. Once you wear a brand new shirt or a pair of pants for a day, they're used, aren't they?

When I lived alone, I had to pay all my bills, buy dog and cat food, food for me, pay off a tab at the gas station for all the gas and energy drinks I charged (my truck had terrible mileage), AND support my thrift store habit. Money doesn't grow on trees (literally, it's made of 25% linen and 75% cotton), and I can't be blowing it all on a pair of shoes or a purse.

When I go to the vintage stores in my area, I find an array of clothing that fits my style: cheap jeans, $3 or less a pair; cheap shoes, $2 or less a pair; cheap hoodies (I own over 60 hoodies), $5 or less. I even find hippie clothes! Striped surf bajas that are, brand new, $15-$20, in the thrift store for $2. Batiks that are $15 brand new, in the thrift store for $3. Also, if you like organic looks and earth-friendly products and recycled materials, go to I'm a loyal customer when I have lots of money to spend, and they have lots of cute clothes and purses!

me and my friend in my surf bajas - left, regular; right, rasta

closeup of me in my $2 baja and doing an odd hand signal that I have no idea what the meaning is, but it would probably get me shot if I lived in Detroit or Portland
Sometimes, you can even find cheap designer clothes in the thrift store! I found a pink and gray Baby Phat shirt once. I bought it even though it was too small to fit my jugs, but I have small-jugged relatives. It was $3, and I couldn't pass that up, because arent those things really expensive new?? I also found a red Marlboro hoodie, and I know you gotta smoke a lot of cigarettes to get one of those, and I don't smoke NEAR that nuch (that, and I smoke Raves or Sonomas - I get Marlboro or Natural Spirit when I splurge). That hoodie was $1.50 at the thrift store.

There's even lots of cute purses at the thrift store! They might not be designer (all the time, anyways), but I buy a lot of my purses there. I saw a pink Baby Phat purse with gold chain on the bottom part of the straps, and their monogram in gold on the front of the purse. It was $25, and I wanted it SOOOOOOOO BAD. Then, when I got the money for it, I went in there to claim my prize, and it was GONE. I was PISSED. Not overbearingly pissed, cuz it's just a purse, but still.

Well, that was my shpiel (sp?) on thrift store shopping. Hope you liked it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Purse

                                 I chose Louis Vuitton to write about because that's the brand I see most in the thrift stores and at garage sales. There are some really good fake LV's, and some that even a passerby could spot as a fake. Here I'll show you a few fakes, and give you a few pointers on how to spot flaws, even on a perfect fake.

1. Placement of The Monogram, And The Mnogram Itself - Louis Vuitton's monogram is an overlapping LV. The bottom ov the V shouldn't overlap the bottom ov the L. He is very precise about where he places them, because he loves symmetry. This is how a monogram should look:

2. Stitching - The stitching on any LV bag should be even. That being said, the stitching on similar bags should be similar.

3. Upside Down Monograms - There are some authentic LV's with upside down monograms. They use one piece of leather in some styles, so if there's no base to the purse, then one side will have the upside-down monograms, such as this bag:
4. Fonts - LV bags have a specific font, with REALLY round O's. Knockoffs are getting better at impersonating this font, so watch carefully.

5. Rivets - A real LV will have rivets both inside and out.

6. Straps - LV only uses leather straps; so watch out for vinyl!

7. Patches - A lot of the older fakes have patches on both the outside and inside, but authentic vintage LV bags will sometimes have a patch on the outside for custom embroidering of initials. Some recent LV bags also have patches inside.

This definitely isn't all that separates real LV from fake, but it's some of the typical, easy-to-spot stuff! I hope this helps somebody out, and keeps them from making the big mistake of buying a fake.

Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Fashionable Items: Part Two

Okay, so we covered the Ugg boots, and found some nice, cheap, reliable alternatives. Now, let's move on to purses, sunglasses, and wanting them in your favorite color. There's really no telling if your new Louis Vuitton is really real, or just an extremely well-made fake, unless you know your designer purses.

I walk around with an authentic Louis Vuitton purse with a matching wallet, and a pair of pink and white Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. I only spent $8.75 on both of those, at a really rich person's garage sale. They said they got rid of the purse because it was missing ONE rivet. I thought, BIG DEAL, IT'S A LOUIS VUITTON PURSE! But they're rich, so the lady probably has like five backups. But what's wrong with thrifty-store purses? I've found a few name-brand knockoff Coach purses in the local thrifty, and a couple knock-off LV's. Not to mention, sometimes there's MONEY in the purses! Not to mention, the books. If you're in the book section in your local thrift store, kinda flip through them. I found $16 once! When you're as broke as I am, $16 is a lot!

Also, I looked at the retail price of my 75 cent D&G sunglasses, and brand new, they were over $200. No way in hell will I pay that much for something that could snap like a twig. I think ten dollars is even expensive for sunglasses. $200 is just RIDICULOUS. If you want to throw your money away, go right ahead. Sure, I do like the pink, but you could get any pair of sunglasses and paint them with your favorite shade of nail polish. Same goes for cell phones, laptops, and lighters. Also, if you get the Nail Art bottles by L.A. colors, you can do intricate designs on your stuff,, and even do a custom graphic on your car window! Here's mine:

R.I.P. Cavalier

The skinny brush makes it easier to get intricate. :)  I'm just not feelin this right now, so I'm gonna close and brainstorm a while. Writer's block!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Fashionable Items

Sure, name brand items are nice to have (and you look rich carting them around), but why, if you don't have money falling out of your bunghole, succumb to such high prices? Take Ugg Boots, for example. Sure, they might be warm (I wouldn't know, I can't afford any), but I would rather freeze my feet off than pay frickin $200+ for a crappy pair of boots.
I found some cheapER pairs on, but I found some cheap knockoffs by Airwalk in my hometown for $40 (I still kicked myself for spending $40 on boots - I'm a cheap shopper). The Airwalks rubbed on my heel for the first few weeks of breaking them in in the fall, but then again, I don't have lollipop stick ankles (refer to KANKLE comic below).
I must say, that those Airwalk Uggs are the most comfortable, warm boots I own. I would reccommend them, but not for late winter/early spring, because they are definitely not waterproof, unless you get some Camp Dry spray. There are also lots of other cheaper brands of Ugg-looking boots out there; here are a few.

And here's some Camp Dry :] And if you're the kind of girl who likes to be fashionable AND get your hands dirty, such as I, this also comes in handy if you're camping or fishing on a small boat, as well as these products:

TIP: WD-40 also works well as a spray on live or synthetic fishing bait. The main ingredient is fish oil! Also quite a bit cheaper than chemical bait sprays. And if you're arthritic, spray some WD-40 on your aching joints! I can tell you from my own experience, with my young, arthritic knees, that it works.

Look for more of my cheap brand-name alternatives (and random tangents involving outdoors gear and oddly placed tips) in my future posts!

dont hate on my kankles

Thursday, March 3, 2011

check out this picture of my dog

this is the face she makes for everything she wants, and she knows ill give in to it