Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

A lot of people these days LOVE to shop at Wal-mart and the mall and K-mart and all these chain stores and think that $20 for a hoodie that barely fits is a good deal. Well, for those that only have $20 to their name, such as I, think that it's a total waste of money. In my opinion, used clothes are the way to go. Once you wear a brand new shirt or a pair of pants for a day, they're used, aren't they?

When I lived alone, I had to pay all my bills, buy dog and cat food, food for me, pay off a tab at the gas station for all the gas and energy drinks I charged (my truck had terrible mileage), AND support my thrift store habit. Money doesn't grow on trees (literally, it's made of 25% linen and 75% cotton), and I can't be blowing it all on a pair of shoes or a purse.

When I go to the vintage stores in my area, I find an array of clothing that fits my style: cheap jeans, $3 or less a pair; cheap shoes, $2 or less a pair; cheap hoodies (I own over 60 hoodies), $5 or less. I even find hippie clothes! Striped surf bajas that are, brand new, $15-$20, in the thrift store for $2. Batiks that are $15 brand new, in the thrift store for $3. Also, if you like organic looks and earth-friendly products and recycled materials, go to http://www.gypsyrose.com/. I'm a loyal customer when I have lots of money to spend, and they have lots of cute clothes and purses!

me and my friend in my surf bajas - left, regular; right, rasta

closeup of me in my $2 baja and doing an odd hand signal that I have no idea what the meaning is, but it would probably get me shot if I lived in Detroit or Portland
Sometimes, you can even find cheap designer clothes in the thrift store! I found a pink and gray Baby Phat shirt once. I bought it even though it was too small to fit my jugs, but I have small-jugged relatives. It was $3, and I couldn't pass that up, because arent those things really expensive new?? I also found a red Marlboro hoodie, and I know you gotta smoke a lot of cigarettes to get one of those, and I don't smoke NEAR that nuch (that, and I smoke Raves or Sonomas - I get Marlboro or Natural Spirit when I splurge). That hoodie was $1.50 at the thrift store.

There's even lots of cute purses at the thrift store! They might not be designer (all the time, anyways), but I buy a lot of my purses there. I saw a pink Baby Phat purse with gold chain on the bottom part of the straps, and their monogram in gold on the front of the purse. It was $25, and I wanted it SOOOOOOOO BAD. Then, when I got the money for it, I went in there to claim my prize, and it was GONE. I was PISSED. Not overbearingly pissed, cuz it's just a purse, but still.

Well, that was my shpiel (sp?) on thrift store shopping. Hope you liked it!

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