Friday, March 4, 2011

Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Fashionable Items

Sure, name brand items are nice to have (and you look rich carting them around), but why, if you don't have money falling out of your bunghole, succumb to such high prices? Take Ugg Boots, for example. Sure, they might be warm (I wouldn't know, I can't afford any), but I would rather freeze my feet off than pay frickin $200+ for a crappy pair of boots.
I found some cheapER pairs on, but I found some cheap knockoffs by Airwalk in my hometown for $40 (I still kicked myself for spending $40 on boots - I'm a cheap shopper). The Airwalks rubbed on my heel for the first few weeks of breaking them in in the fall, but then again, I don't have lollipop stick ankles (refer to KANKLE comic below).
I must say, that those Airwalk Uggs are the most comfortable, warm boots I own. I would reccommend them, but not for late winter/early spring, because they are definitely not waterproof, unless you get some Camp Dry spray. There are also lots of other cheaper brands of Ugg-looking boots out there; here are a few.

And here's some Camp Dry :] And if you're the kind of girl who likes to be fashionable AND get your hands dirty, such as I, this also comes in handy if you're camping or fishing on a small boat, as well as these products:

TIP: WD-40 also works well as a spray on live or synthetic fishing bait. The main ingredient is fish oil! Also quite a bit cheaper than chemical bait sprays. And if you're arthritic, spray some WD-40 on your aching joints! I can tell you from my own experience, with my young, arthritic knees, that it works.

Look for more of my cheap brand-name alternatives (and random tangents involving outdoors gear and oddly placed tips) in my future posts!

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