Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Fashionable Items: Part Two

Okay, so we covered the Ugg boots, and found some nice, cheap, reliable alternatives. Now, let's move on to purses, sunglasses, and wanting them in your favorite color. There's really no telling if your new Louis Vuitton is really real, or just an extremely well-made fake, unless you know your designer purses.

I walk around with an authentic Louis Vuitton purse with a matching wallet, and a pair of pink and white Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. I only spent $8.75 on both of those, at a really rich person's garage sale. They said they got rid of the purse because it was missing ONE rivet. I thought, BIG DEAL, IT'S A LOUIS VUITTON PURSE! But they're rich, so the lady probably has like five backups. But what's wrong with thrifty-store purses? I've found a few name-brand knockoff Coach purses in the local thrifty, and a couple knock-off LV's. Not to mention, sometimes there's MONEY in the purses! Not to mention, the books. If you're in the book section in your local thrift store, kinda flip through them. I found $16 once! When you're as broke as I am, $16 is a lot!

Also, I looked at the retail price of my 75 cent D&G sunglasses, and brand new, they were over $200. No way in hell will I pay that much for something that could snap like a twig. I think ten dollars is even expensive for sunglasses. $200 is just RIDICULOUS. If you want to throw your money away, go right ahead. Sure, I do like the pink, but you could get any pair of sunglasses and paint them with your favorite shade of nail polish. Same goes for cell phones, laptops, and lighters. Also, if you get the Nail Art bottles by L.A. colors, you can do intricate designs on your stuff,, and even do a custom graphic on your car window! Here's mine:

R.I.P. Cavalier

The skinny brush makes it easier to get intricate. :)  I'm just not feelin this right now, so I'm gonna close and brainstorm a while. Writer's block!

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